Customs lines are identified by:

  • Nothing to Declare
  • Passengers With Items To Declare
  • Special passengers, wheel chair passengers and unaccompanied minors



  • Passengers are required to present their passport, along with the Customs Declaration Form for processing.
  • Items for declaration must be accompanied by an invoice and should be listed on the Customs Declaration Form.
  • Members of the same family may use one Form (i.e. parents and their children under 18 years).
  • Passengers over 18 years are required to complete their own Declaration Form.
  • Payment of duties, if any, may be made using cash, VISA or MasterCard credit cards or certified cheques as well as Multi-Link (debit and credit) cards.   [An ATM is located in the Customs Hall]


For further information on Customs procedures, please visit their website at: